• Klinger de Souza Amorim
  • Fernanda Gama Venceslau
  • Anne Caroline Gercina Carvalho Dantas
  • Francisco Carlos Groppo
  • Rodrigo Pimentel da Silveira
  • Liane Maciel de Almeida Souza



Hypertension, Acupuncture, Auriculotherapy



Objective: Evaluate the effectiveness of blood pressure control in hypertensive patients using bloodletting on ear apex technique before tooth extraction. Methods: This observational prospective case series carried out on 65 volunteers who needed simple tooth extraction and had blood pressure above 140 / 90mmHg. The blood pressure measurement occurred 5 minutes after the baseline and after bleeding. Subsequently, the blood pressure measurement occurred in three moments: 15 minutes after bleeding, after anesthesia, and at the end of the procedure.  Results: There were significantly more successes than failures. Every patient who presented successful results had the pressure remained at the recommended levels after anesthesia and at the end of the procedure.  Also, there was sex influence with higher failure rates in men. Conclusion: The bloodletting on ear apex technique reduced the blood pressure satisfactorily in most cases, remaining at the recommended mean levels even when verified after anesthesia and at the end of the procedure.


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